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colorhero is game about mathing colors and winning over the opponent in points in a preset timeframe.

colorhero from johannes jørgensen on Vimeo.

its made to be put up on a wall in odense havnekultur festival.
as with all my projects i want to release the source code so here it is in its first revision which lacks:

  • scrolling highscore in the startscreen
  • arduino buttons on each controller (one for each to control start and letters when highscoring)
  • animation when game ends

here is the arduino code:

void setup()

void loop()

and here is the processing sketch that runs on both mac and linux windows not tested yet. developed on ubuntu:

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I use vim on 2 windows machines and a linux machine. I set up a subversion repository on the linux machine and checked it out to all 3 machines as /svno on linux and c:/svno on windows

I keep all my vimfiles in /svno/appl/vim/vimfiles and my vimrc as /svno/appl/vim/_vimrc

When I make a change on one of the machines I must check it in for the others to benefit from it - on windows I use tortoise, on linux i use the svn command for this.

This setup helps me to have the same setup on all 3 machines.

Oh - just one thing - keep the files in vimfiles as unix files - my linux vim does not like ^M’s in the vim script files.

Kind regards - Your daddy

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.net: What’s the process you go through when you create something like Cycles?

CH: I’d had the idea for Cycles a few years ago. It’s a recurring theme of mine to take a basic piece of video footage and mess about with it to the point of insanity. I also had a teddy bear that I’d created for some other project who wanted to star in his own film. Added to this was a new video camera I wanted to test out, and a song I had made that needed some visuals – so with all these ingredients the film more or less made itself. I don’t usually even storyboard my animations – I start with a vague version of the finished film in my head, and spend the next few weeks throwing the elements together until they do what I want. The results aren’t always predictable, but usually interesting.

and canon by norman mclarren. this inspired cyriak

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video effects

how drift was made:
drift is here:

how to make data moshing

use a plugin by
together with quartz to do so

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fascinating stuff seen today

cardboard recordsleeve:

analog video feedback - painting with light:

optical microphones:

a technology where you make light into sound primitively and all analog.
heres some links:
and using it in a dj/musician environment:

diy rfid reader:

my diy vj controller using theremin

its now cripled away and defunct. but it was a fun project.

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