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POV and bikes

here is some nice pov projects:

Ian’s Spoke POV v3:

This project consists of three circuit boards with a row of 32 LEDs on each (actually 64 LEDs because they’re double sided). The circuit boards are mounted radially in the spokes of a bicycle wheel and batteries near the hub supply power to them. The LEDs are controlled by a microcontroller that measures the rotational speed of the wheel by way of a hall effect (magnetic) sensor. As the wheel rotates, the microcontroller turns the individual LEDs on and off in such a way that a static image appears to float inside the wheel.

2-sided pov toy

the minipov project uses a simple bitmap to determine what to output. i wanted to have separate bitmaps for each character and link them together in a string. i started by modifying the minipov to use two jump tables. the first selected the character from the string, and the second returned individual lines in the character. once that was working, i started trying to figure out how to read it backwards. i wasn’t able to think of anything cleaver so i decided to throw memory at it. i duplicated the code in and reversed order.

SpokePOV Kit - v1.1

The spokepov kit comes unassembled and includes electronic parts and circuit board for one basic configuration Road/MTB SpokePOV with 4K of memory (for 4 animation images) and 60 high brightness LEDs (30 on each side).

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