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rotating image on overhead projector

here is an idea based on trying to figure out how to place a rotating image on an overhead projector without having an axis in the middle.

the idea is to have a motor (down in the right corner) and some nonfriction maybe lego wheels (thanks goes to jørgen) to keep the plate with the transparent image in place at all times. then with a rubberband the motor rotates the image.

  • the image is hopefully larger, covering more of the light field in the final version.
  • course it could be fun to have an overhead projector with several of these running in different tempo on. 
  • the transparent image in the center should be shiftable.

for those of you interested the picture was done using 18 layers in photoshop. non-vector drawing

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creation of antima55 logo

the above is really just a parody on the logo, but it tells the story. inside it has some logo designs taken from other companies, when creating a logo i thought why not look at what other people have created.

looking at the antima55 name i thought some sort of rebelling iconic gesture in the logo would be nice.
especially since my present state of mind is still hurt by the after effects of the cop15 conference/police terror in copenhagen.

so the logo should contain some sort of rebelling attitude inspiring without words to ‘not obey but think’.

then the raised fist popped into my mind and i immediately thought of turning it into some sort of fractal. i thought about using some sort of algorithmic way of doing it but then i thought it would loose its charm if it was too synthetically symmetric. therefor i instead started to do some turning and drawing of lines to make it seemingly going into itself.

the big fists are turned 120 degrees from each other and the small hands are turned after another method with the two upper ones being 90 degrees turned from each other and places in a symmetric joint.
and the lower one being placed in the middle but again 90 degrees from the small fist to the right

here is the final result with a black background:

Creative Commons License
antima55 logo by johannes gårdsted jørgensen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Denmark License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

here is some stuff taken from my google-reader subscriptions
Less is More: 18 Clever Logos Using Negative Space

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midi controlled water display

using solenoids people have been making water displays for some time, however control has been dificult.
i thought about using a “MD24 MIDI Decoder” to control the sonoids using by turning them on one by one according to yhe played notes. thereby the only new interface would be to turn your monitor 90 degrees and start drawing out some notes/drawings in ableton.

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share terminal

idea for share terminal:
a terminal consisting of a

  • computer
  • large external hdd
  • alternative interface that can resist abuse
  • a crt (cheap to replace) monitor
  • a cd burning drive
  • a usb port for usb sticks.

the interface could be based around a program running in linux which tkes user input from a range of physical buttons and rolling bars, knobs. in this way it could be made to resist abuse both in hacking and vandalism.
the list is entirely second hand stuff.

kubuntu runs the show ast on low specs.

uses for this project:

  • movies, music, ebooks etc can be stored on the hdd
  • people come with a cd and picks some objects to get burned to the cd
  • or they bring a usb stick vice versa.

this project would be placed on public places of culture, youth houses etc. thereby creating a sort of physical sharing community where conversations about different subjects naturally would start , like at the coffeemachine at your job :-)
but the difference being that you could grab some culture and bring it from there to other places.

maybe a add-on would be a mailbox where people could put meterial for spreading.
this whole idea could turn into a kind of book-cafe with the add-on of a culture library.

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