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fascinating stuff seen today

cardboard recordsleeve:

analog video feedback - painting with light:

optical microphones:

a technology where you make light into sound primitively and all analog.
heres some links:
and using it in a dj/musician environment:

diy rfid reader:

my diy vj controller using theremin

its now cripled away and defunct. but it was a fun project.

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today i thought why not use a slide scanner as back on your favorite analog cameras to make them digital. thios would also give high mega pixel.

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It made me realise that you should take great care in what you choose - often in a cavalier moment - to place in your memory, because some things will sit there for ever, like a bad seed; like a shadow on the moon; like a crow on a fence in a dream.
- *

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LED diy lcd projector

ive always thought of lcd projectors as based on an overhead projector with full size lcd monitor screen.

but recently i realized there is another way to do it.
using a small lcd monitor sub 3″ and equipment salvaged from a slide projector plus an ultra brite LED you can make an ok projector for relatively small money.

here is an instructables on how to do just that:

when building such a device you have to get your hands on some ultra bright leds.
for example a 50 w LED
or a 100W LED

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my ideas for a vj setup

  • panasonic ave 5 video mixer.
  • 2 dirty video mixers ( for ruff source changing
  • one laptop
  • one vga to video converter
  • open tzt for video vjing on da laptop
  • processing for generative graphics on da laptop
  • one home made midi controller with theremin.
  • one hv20 canon camera
  • one ps3 eye for generative opencv

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